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Vinyl hallway runners

Halls are essential as they connect all the rooms of your home together. Make a bold statement with your vinyl hallway runner. Upon stepping into your home, guests will first notice your amazing, eye catching pvc vinyl hallway runners. Make your hallways relaxing, or fun, we're sure to have something which will create the atmosphere you are looking for, thanks to this diverse collection!

From stunning floral designs to beautiful constellations, the team of designers here at Tenstickers want to accommodate every hallway. Our ever-growing collection of vinyl hallway mats will elevate your halls look and create a more inviting environment. Browse through this collection and find the perfect rug for your hallway! With these rugs being customisable to fit your hall perfectly they will look like they have always meant to be there. There is no way you could go wrong!

Invite our hallway vinyl floorings in!

A rug in your hallway is the most perfect addition because not only will it leave all your guests in awe, but these vinyl carpets for hallways will also offer protection from any spills, stains or scratches, and add warmth, depth and a whole ton of character that you never knew a hallway could posses. And this could all be yours in a matter of weeks if you purchase today! You’ll never look back.

Our hallway runner vinyl rugs will withstand the constant foot fall that halls usually experience as our rugs are resistant to tears, wrinkles, creases and problems due to their high quality! They will not discolour and will say vibrant. These rugs are extremely easy to apply as we want everyone to be able to feel the joy of having a vinyl mat, not just those who are experienced at applying stickers. Our pvc hallway vinyl rugs practically need no upkeep as they are so simple to clean and maintain! A quick wipe with a damp cloth and youre sorted. No need to get that cumbersome hoover out again, allowing you more time to invite your guests over! These mats are also child and pet friendly as well as being hypoallergenic so no need to limit that guest list, everyone is welcome!

Do not delay your search any longer! Elevate your homes look with our hallway vinyl rug flooring and see how great it can look when you add that special personal touch.

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