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Texture vinyl rugs

Browse our fantastic collection of vinyl texture rugs to decorate your home with! They look just as good as the real deal. Our products provide a simple and easy way to update your homes decor! Real carpets and rugs can be in many cases vey expensive to buy, so this is a fantastic way of saving some cash whilst also having a fantastic looking floor! 

Thanks to our incredible team of hard-working designers, this innovative collection of vinyl texture mats has got everything you need from wood, to cement looks, all the way to stone. There is no way you cannot be impressed.

Enjoy a wide range of textures with this amazing collection

The amazing texture that you will be able to add to your home is not the only benefit these vinyl textured floorings have to offer. You are also provided with the incredible qualities these flooring offer such as brightening, protection and the addition of so much character to your room. Our textured vinyl mats can also be customised in regard to sizing, so that they are personalised to you house! Fitting in exactly where you want it as if it was always destined to be there.

Our vinyl texture carpets are long lasting and super easy to clean, so spills and stains are no challenge! Simply wipe down with a damp cloth and your vacuum cleaner will become a thing of the past, letting you focus on more important things.

Whether you’re an expert or not, our products are easy to apply for anyone, with instructions included just in case you need them! And thanks to the high-quality materials we use, you will not have to worry about tearing, problems or creases!

Here at Tenstickers, we are always looking to improve on everything we do and stopping at providing you with a large variety of high-quality vinyl texture flooring is not in our nature. We want to offer more! As a result, this collection includes customisable products. To create your customised textured vinyl rug you can personalise with your own choice of text. All of this adds to the uniqueness your home will gain from the purchase of one of our mats. 

Browse our collection and you'll find a wide variety of pvc texture rugs to decorate your home with and you will finally get the look you want. Fantastic quality, low prices, superb, eye cathing designs! 

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