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Rainbow Wall Stickers

A stunning collection of rainbow wall stickers, perfect for adding a much needed wave of colour to any part of your home! The colours of the rainbow are always a popular decoration theme for the home, yet it has historically been difficult to find the perfect rainbow themed decor for you. Well, we at Tenstickers are solving that problem by the day, thanks to our ever increasing range of stunning, unique and original rainbow stickers!

Now, a preconception which is often made regarding rainbow stickers is that they are only for children. Well, we are here to prove that preconception to be totally wrong! We have something for every purpose and every person - Rainbow decals for laptops, phones, kitchens and more! But, don´t worry - We still have an amazing selection of stickers ideal for the bedroom of any child, from visual effect inspired designs, to pure and simple rainbow decals, perfect for decorating the home of all children!

Colour is so important for any home, and what adds colour like a rainbow decal? Do you know the colours of the rainbow - If so, how do you like to remember them? We at Tenstickers like the classic ´Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain´ - Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. Simples! But, don´t think these colours cannot be altered, because you should know by now that we are happy to change anything you like regarding these rainbow wall decals!

Another issue of which we are aware is that this selection of rainbow decals will not fully satisfy you; maybe not even providing you with the rainbow wall decal that you need. Well, we fully accept that and want to do something about it, which is why we have built up one of the finest customisation services on the internet today, making it easier than ever for you to create your perfect customised rainbow sticker! Visit the relevant page on

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