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Frequent questions

What is a sticker?

It is a self adhesive product widely used for decoration and personalisation for all types of surfaces for both interior and exterior.

On a professional level we find stickers implemented on signs, commercial vehicles, windows, fences, fair stands and many other uses.

At a particular level, Tenstickers gives you the possibility to use stickers as an accessory to personalise your home, office, car and any other favourite object.

Tenstickers works with APA Print & Films Technologies which has decades of experience in producing high quality vinyl for all types of surfaces.

All vinyl produced by APA Tenstickers are guaranteed to last a lifetime when applied indoors and have a medium/long duration of a lifetime when applied outdoors.

How many colours do we have available?

The range of colors at your disposal includes 51 matted colours (for applications inside homes we recommend matte finish to prevent inadequate glare).

You can have a look at our palette of colours.

How will I be receiving my order?

If you have ordered a monochrome sticker you will receive your product in 3 different elements:

  • White laminated silicone paper that protects the adhesive part which you will need to remove before the application.
  • Film sticker with the shape and the colour you have ordered.
  • Protection paper: after removing the paper at the back it will allow you to apply the vinyl onto the surface that you want to decorate. You will then remove the film sticker once the sticker has been applied.
  • If you have ordered a coloured sticker (2 colours or more) you will receive:

  • White laminated silicon paper that protects the adhesive part which you have to remove during the application of the sticker.
  • Film sticker with the printed image or carbon finish you have chosen. The APA materials that we use have a special adhesive which can be used to apply on large areas without creating air bubbles.

In both cases you will receive the sticker in a package that we send through a delivery company together with instructions for correct application.

Is it easy to apply?

You can do it yourself without any problems. Along with each order you will receive the relevant application instructions which are very easy to follow for the best results.

What surfaces can I apply the sticker on?

The sticker can be applied to any smooth non-porous surface such as painted walls, glass, metal, furniture, and plastic, etc.

If you have any questions about the area in which you want to apply your sticker to please send us an email at:

Can I change the location of the sticker?

No. Once applied you can remove but not reposition it to another area or surface. Once it is removed it loses it level of adhesion and therefore you will not be able to stick it anywhere else.

How can I remove it?

Raise one end of the material and pull it slowly in a 180 degree angle towards the surface it was applied on. Before removing the sticker, if you apply some heat over it (with a blow dryer), you will find it much easier to remove and it will not leave any adhesive residue.

Can I customise my sticker with one of my pictures?

Of course you can. Just send us an email at attaching the photo you would like on the sticker and let us know what format (size) you would like to have it in. Our production team will transform your wish into a reality.

How soon will I receive my order?

The average period is one week. At the time of payment you will receive an order confirmation email. We will also inform you via email when the product is being produced and when it´s being sent.

Frequently asked questions about our wallpaper and wall murals

What are the Technical Characteristics of the Wall Paper?

The wallpaper is non-woven fabric, with a weight of around 170g/m2. The width of a roll is 50cm.

If I order a smaller size of photomural, would I receive the entire motif or only a part?

If a client orders a smaller size, they would receive the entire motif, with the size of the image reduced proportionately.

Can the wallpaper be cleaned?

Our wallpapers and wall murals are produced using waterproof material, so they can be cleaned softly with a damp cloth.

How do I apply the wall murals?

Together with the first strip, we attach instructions. You will have to cut the paper along the marked lines. The glue for non woven fabric wallpaper must be diluted with water and placed directly on the walls. The surface must be clean, dry and smooth. You will find more detailed instructions on our ´Application Instructions´ page.

Does the price refer to the m2 or the total size?

The price refers to the entire product.

Which dimension refers to the width and which is the height?

The first dimension is the width; the second refers to the height.

How big is each strip?

The wallpaper will consist of multiple strips. Each strip will be around 50cm wide, while the height will depend on the total size. For example, choosing the size of 400x280cm would see the client receive 8 strips of 50x280cm.