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Your Portrait Sticker

Decorate your home in a unique way with a distinctive portrait feature!

1) Upload your photo.

2) Choose the measurements you need and frame the image. To do this, scroll and/or resize the selection box and use the zoom for a better fit.

Keep in mind that only the main figures (people, pets etc.) will be printed onto the vinyl, the background will always be removed.

3) Choose the colour then, complete the purchase

Upload your design

Upload your photo


Specify the measurements

Minimum Size 30 cm x 30 cm.


Select a colour

Important Notes

1) Minimum Size 30 cm x 30 cm.

2) Please send us photos with the highest resolution possible, well contrasted and focused

3) If we assess the photo as not having a high enough quality to use as a base for the design, we will contact you via email.

4) Vinyl portraits of people, pets, vehicles or other similar items will always be made. If the portrait has a high degree of complexity, such as images of cities, we will contact you immediately to inform you of the feasibility of the production.

5) Once the payment has been made, we will always send you a preliminary draft of the image before having it manufactured so that you can give us your approval.

6) The draft can by modified slightly; however, the base image at this point cannot be changed.

7) This type of vinyl is crafted manually and carefully, to ensure the highest quality possible.

8) The delivery time of the draft is about two working days after the order is placed. Once the customer is satisfied with the result, the vinyl will be manufactured. In a period lasting a maximum of one week, the customer will receive the order.

9) In the event that you wish to cancel your order and you haven’t yet received your draft, the total value will be refunded. If the draft has already been sent you, 60% of the total value will be returned to account for the design work already done.

10) If you have any doubt you can contact us by writing to