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Drawing stickers for light switches

Drawing light switch stickers for you and your plugs. A fantastic, large collection suitable for any age, fun designs for kids and something more stylish for adults! These drawing light switch decals are ideal for your home, adding a touch of character to the smallest spaces in your home!

We are able to make the drawing decal for switches and plugs in any size! Each plug is a different size and shape, so it only makes sense to let everyone choose their own size! We have an amazing selction of colours available, in fact it's more than 50 colours. We print our stickers with a matte finish, this is so that there are no reflections from any stray lights in your room. 

Decorate any and every area of your home, even the plugs and sockets!

Our drawing stickers for switches are perfect for any socket in any room. You can create a unique look in your living room, your bedroom or your children's room with this superb collection. In this collection you'll find floral patterns, cute animals, zombies and much much more. Many of them are child friendly, like the robot designs, and they are sure to love the sticker!

A favourite of our customers is the robot drawing switch sticker. A popular choice with families with young kids. Kids will spend hours wanting to play with the light switches and enjoy life with their  new robot friend!

If you prehaps would like a completely unique, never before seen, design then why not email us with a sample image of what you would like and you'll soon be the proud owner of your own personalised drawing light switch sticker. Alternatively, we can also alter any of our existing designs so you can get the perfect sticker design for your plugs!

An cheap yet high quality product which will allow you to transfor any of your rooms in a very easy way. Do not wait to order your design! These sticker are easy to apply and easy to remove, so you can change your room decoration whenever you would like with no hassle at all.

Stickers for switches that will apply to any and every surface as long as it is smooth and non porous. So why not take a moment to look through this amazing collection of designs now, you are sure to find something you adore and will look amazing on your plugs at your home! 

1-24 of 64 wall stickers