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Union jack headboard wall sticker

TenStickers. Union jack headboard wall sticker. Union jack headboard sticker design of the united kingdom flag that will suit to wrap surfaces or applied on the wall. This is of high quality matte.

Wall colour

Measurements (width x height)
Union jack headboard sticker that is created in the design of the united kingdom and it will be suitable to use as a bed wrap or anyhow you chose to use it. This union jack headboard wall sticker can be in any size you want to suit where to want to use it. This product is design with the best quality matte, and this means it does not reflect with light and leaves a calm surface. The application of this product is very easy because its comes with application sheet to help you understand how to apply it on your wall or any space of your desire.

Information about Union jack headboard wall sticker

Reference: A17662


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