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Mast guitar with rock group rock wall decal

TenStickers. Mast guitar with rock group rock wall decal. Adhesive rock n roll music group wall decal representaion of Creedence Clearwater Revival to decorate the home  with rock music vibes in any colour.

Wall colour

Measurements (width x height)
Rock group music wall sticker design like a signage with the name of the rock artist on three points direction and a bird at it top. This design in the home is rock music and personality representation that you admire. It will be very lovely in any colour of your choice, you can have it in a list of mono colours that we have. Suitable for all age category in the home. It's application is easy and adhesive from the best quality material you can find in the market. Just follow the instruction that comes with it and you will have it on the surface just the way it appears here.

Information about Mast guitar with rock group rock wall decal

Reference: A17167


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