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Carpe Diem motivational sticker

TenStickers. Carpe Diem motivational sticker.  A Carpe Diem symbol of fingers motivation wall decal in a black  and white colour. This is a design of a two fingers in the air and will fit anywhere.

Wall colour

Measurements (width x height)
A Carpe Diem sign motivational wall sticker. This design is of a two fingers in the the air, this finger symbol of Carpe Diem motivational wall decal is created in black and white colour. This will be nice to place anywhere at home or on your car body. This finger symbol motivational wall sticker is made of quality product and you will be very happy to use it because of it lasting quality and easiness to stick on any place of your choice. This comes in various sizes also like most of our products. delivery is very prompt when you make online purchase

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Reference: A17617


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