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Sports Stickers

Browse our extensive collection of sports stickers. Decorate the rooms in your home or business. These designs would be perfect for gyms or sports centers. These products give a new lease of life to your walls. Give your room some character. You'll want to spend all your time in your newly decorated room, you may even feel encouraged to get moving and do a workout!

Within this collection of sports decals you'll discover wide variety of designs, suitable for any age and great for applying onto aany surface, such as walls, glass, appliances, furniture or devices such as mobiles, computers or consoles. 

A vast collection of sporting designs for you and your home!  

We do vinyl sports stickers of any and every sport. Some of the most popular designs include football shields, football players, basketball, crossfit, rugby, cycling, hockey and many more. We even have vinyl sports decals with motivational phrases relating to sport such as encouragement to go to the gym. Hundreds of designs of any sport you can think of!

Here at TenStickers we know that not every sticker in our collection will suit everyone's tastes. This is why we offer you the chance to get your hands on your own personalised sport sticker! All you need to do is email us with a sample image of what you would like with details such as size and colours. Our design team will then get to work on your sticker! If you fancy one of our designs but you aren't too keen on sizes, colours etc then they can also alter these for you! TenStickers's customised sports stickers are made to order, we can create a completely custom made sticker according to your needs, tastes and styles. You'll have the perfect sticker for you and your walls!

The application of our sports wall sticker is very easy thanks to our transfer paper. The material is also bubble proof, and resistant to problems like wrinkles, tearing and creases, meaning your sticker will be able to be applied seamlessly. 

These amazing sports themed decals will transform the decoration of your home or buisiness, create a unique and exclusive environment for you. No longer will you have to look at boring white wallls.Decorating with these sports designs will be fantastic and you'll be so glad you opted for it. Take a browse at this superb collection of designs now! We are sure you'll love it!

Kids Stickers - Fun and playful design of a character running. The decal is simple to apply to all flat surfaces. High quality.
Kids Stickers - Fun and playful design of a character running. The decal is simple to apply to all flat surfaces. High quality.

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